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A Company Evolves into a New Age

A New Generation of Doing Something that Counts

A sense of duty, of doing what is right, had its roots from the very beginning when George Walbridge and Albert Aldinger founded the company. It continued through the Great Depression and World War II, when John Rakolta, Sr., a young navigator-bombardier released as a prisoner of war, signed up as a timekeeper for the Walbridge Aldinger company.

Seventeen years later, he bought the company and continued the Walbridge Way. The young talent he brought in continues in the organization today. Many Walbridge employees were preceded by their parents and grandparents. And all of them have the abiding drive to do good, do something that counts.

Today, his son John Rakolta, Jr., who began with Walbridge as a “yard hand” at 12 years old, now leads the firm as its 7th CEO.

We have a remarkable legacy, molded and shaped by generation after generation. We are all linked to the future generations by our thoughts, actions, deeds and goodwill. It is not about words, it is about heart and values. Do something that counts. Build for Good.” – John Rakolta, Jr.