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Value & System


Value & System

Built for Good is Built for Life.

To protect, innovate solutions and create trust. It is part of the culture – from workers and subcontractors on the jobsite to the management team who is relentless in doing the right thing.

We value:

Over 8.5 million hours without a lost-time accident.

Zero tolerance on unsafe behavior – a core value.

Innovation of processes to ensure safety on site: Ongoing safety observations with subcontractors on site, A no cell-phone policy.

Lessons Learned – over 5,000 documented at every phase to capture best practices – brings together virtually all teams before you need to solve a problem

Disciplinary Action Plan – incident investigation practice, safety huddle procedure and pre-task safety analysis – are all tools Walbridge has innovated to reduce lost-time accidents.

The first construction company in the history of Michigan OSHA to be given the Star Award distinction for work-site safety excellence.

Safety distinctions awarded in 2010: Ranked “best in the country” by the Associated General Contractors, Construction Safety and Excellence Award; U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Safety Award for large military contractors; First place by the American Society of Concrete Contractors, Burr Bennett Award for Safety; Construction Industry Safety Excellence Award – General Building Contractor, Construction Users Roundtable (CURT).

A simple promise: Safety in everything we do.