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Northwest Florida Beaches Airport


Northwest Florida Beaches Airport

Panama City, Florida

Building an international airport to meet stringent environmental concerns and budget restrictions required the problem solving of an entire team, coupled with the creativity to create a personality that reflected the region’s defining characteristics.

The new terminal, one of the first to open in the U.S in a decade, needed to balance strict requirements with a need for leading edge environmental sensitivities such as a storm water management system, use of sustainable materials and landscaping that did not require supplemental irrigation.

The game plan was to meet requirements for LEED® silver certification, integrate the sustainable materials from the region and provide benefits for the surrounding ecosystem. All construction material waste was segregated on the job site to minimize waste that would go into the landfills.

A number of features addressed environmental concerns, namely:

  • An aluminum roof was chosen to reflect more of the sun’s heat
  • Structural steel trusses were replaced with engineered laminated timber and other materials from within the region
  • Thermal rated exterior coating was used on the masonry walls to increase energy efficiency
  • Costs were lowered $9 million over the lowest bid through value engineering and the use of local materials
  • Service counters were made out of the area’s sea grasses
  • The community life was reflected in the use of murals to promote the work of the Audubon Society and wild life enthusiasts
  • The baggage claim area mural honors America’s Armed Forces and acknowledges the contribution they have made to the development of Florida’s panhandle.