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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Imagine a place where innovation, technology and sustainability meet and create a new kind of city powered by renewable energy, innovative building practices, and new standards in sustainable living. “- MASDAR, ABU DHABI FUTURE ENERGY COMPANY

The MASDAR initiative in Abu Dhabi is the world’s premier development to spotlight renewable, alternative and sustainable energies wrapped around sustainable design. When it was announced in 2008, Abu Dhabi committed it would invest $15 billion in Masdar – the largest single government investment of its kind encompassing 440 million sq. ft. of facilities when completed.

Walbridge and its joint venture partner, Amana, set the stage for this massive project by providing pre-construction services for the $350 million Masdar Headquarters Facility, which will be the headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Corporation. The building is designed as a carbon neutral and positive energy facility to include: 1.1 million sq. ft. under roof, 11,400 Photovoltaic Panels and PV system designed to produce 5.3 million kw-hrs of electricity annually.

As part of the overall development of Masdar City, Walbridge and its joint venture partner, Amana, also constructed the $165 million City’s Gateway project and transportation center, which includes a three-level Car Park, a Personal Rapid Transit station and the structural base for future living areas.