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It’s all about reducing and eliminating waste. And while we can say that we are a LEAN construction leader and innovator, the proof is in what it saves and how it works.

Walbridge has saved nearly $9 million in operational costs during the past four years alone.

How does it work? We’ve built a LEAN culture by encouraging LEAN thinking company-wide and applying LEAN concepts in a relentless pursuit of improvement. It is more than a list of tools. It is about understanding methods, applying Lessons Learned, and reviewing our processes to increase productivity and eliminate waste.

We apply LEAN principles to improve safety, quality, cost, communication and scheduling – from design-build projects, concrete jobs to administrative procedures. We train our partners, subcontractors and tradesmen to help them be as productive as possible.

All of Walbridge’s collective experience lives in a Lessons Learned database – a collection of our experiences and knowledge catalogued to be easily retrieved by our team. All LEAN savings ideas and value analysis/value engineering suggestions are entered into this online, easily accessible database.

And to measure and improve our methods and best practices, we assembled a diverse steering team, the Enterprise Improvement Committee – which monitors and continually reviews our quality management system.