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Crushed Concrete vs. 21aa Fill

Crushed Concrete vs. 21aa Fill
Management of Construction $400,000
Construction Management Subconractor
72-9-7253 Automotive
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The contract called for 21aa fill for the roadway subbase. As a direct result of the volume required (approx. 500,000 cuyds) alternative sources were researched. It was determined that numerous major roadway construction projects were being performed in the local area. Subsequently, a large volume of highway concrete debris was available. We established an on site concrete crusher and used crushed concrete ground to the 21aa size specifications (after approval).
Based on timing and location, the amount of 21aa fill would have been extremely difficult to transport from remote quarries and meet schedule requirements.
Saved schedule and funding and also had a significant enviromental savings by recycling concrete.
Check local area to determine if any recycled materials can be utilized in lieu of bank run materials from quarry.
Updated: 11/2006